Most of these are available pending me keeping up with what

  I've made, acquired or sold. 

  We do provide delivery, installation and customization. 

  Contact us for an appointment at our private studio.

  Please click on the email link or send me a text

Oriental shield_edited.jpg

Oriental Gong

45 inch wide by 42 inches tall

Beautiful dark stained wood with brass accents. Glass is gold textured mirror with fused glass accents


pyramid lamp.JPG


28" textured wall sculpture with wood framing and led lighting



22" by 22" free standing sculpture with ork framing and led lighting. This is one piece of glass that was too beautiful to cut. The glass is handmade in Ohio and is called Drapery glass its made in a tradition that goes back to Tiffany

beer ontap - Copy.jpg

Beer on Tap

27" x 38" x 5" wall sculpture with wooden frame and mirror background. Including lighting real beer tap


stained glass sculpture blue cir.jpg
blueCir - Copy.jpg


42" wall sculpture with wooden frame and mirror background.


Sails and Seas text.jpg

Restored Beveled Panels

78" x 17" beveled and textured clear glass panels. These are restored panels in pine framing. Panels do fit in standard size door frames.


sea turtle and pilot fish.JPG
KenCarol 1 - Copy.jpg

Oriental Image

48" x 22" wall sculpture with wooden framing and raised glass design


Burgundy Geo text.JPG

Yin Yang Koi

22 inches high by 12 inches wide


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