Here a photos of some of the wall sculptures I have created. See available works or call and we can design a special piece together.

made in america
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THE FAUCET 22 inch by 40 inch by 6 inches deep

mirror backed shadow box - hand wrought copper pipe with backlite aqua 'water

Oriental Image 22 inch by 48 wood,

mirror and glass wall sculpture

Oriental Gong 3ft by 4ft

Hand wrought wood frame gold and iradite black glass


Fish Bones 

Iridescent Glass on board mount


Oriental shield_edited.jpg
flight 28 side.JPG


22" by 22" free standing sculpture with ork framing and led lighting. Drapery glass is handmade in a tradition that goes back to Tiffany


28" textured wall sculpture with wood framing and led lighting

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