Stained Glass Designs

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2021 marks my 50th year working in stained glass. With the help of my wife I work out of my home based studio in N Tampa. Please let me know what one of a kind piece of stained glass art we can create for you

  • Stained glass designs - Typical projects:

    • Bath windows  

    • Entryway Glass Panels  

    • Cabinet Inserts   

    • Hanging Privacy Panels 

    • Custom Glass tile   

    • Stained Glass Lighting           

    • Glass Multimedia sculptures 

  • Installation services are provided for all our products. Customers come to our home based studio to choose glass and see their piece being created. 

  • Repair and Restoration - 45 years ago I worked restoring stained glass in the preservation district in Rochester NY. Preserving and repurposing stained glass is a passion of mine I hate seeing beautiful glass tossed aside.

Here are a couple examples click to enlarge and Please see Photo Library 

Bath window


Backlit Wall Sculptures

glass tile, custom

Glass Tile

Oriental wall sculpture

Wall Sculptures

Door Panels

restoration stained glass

1917 Frank Lloyd Wright windows restored  

stained glass restoration

1917 Restored  Mausoleum window