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      Celebrating over 50 years working with stained glass, hard to believe. I feel so fortunate to be doing what I love and meeting all the wonderful people that my glass has brought to us.

      Today, as a commissioned artist, I create what I call ‘functional art’. To me functional art is stained glass that provides great design, wonderful color and perhaps a little privacy that enhances one’s surroundings. All our works are original in design and we work closely with our customers, they love picking out their own glass. 

Thanks  Bob

                                Custom Stained Glass Products

Entryway Panels  Cabinet Door Panels   Bath Privacy Panels  Custom Glass Tile

     Sconces   Pendant Lighting  Backlit Shadow Boxes    Restoration

What can I help with? Click photo below for area of interest

For Sale

Stained glass for sale



40ft in the air


stained glass


stained glass restoration

Glass with Lights

stained glass lights

Fused Glass & Tile

custom glass tile

Our 1948 Chevy Panel Truck

truck stained glass
stined glass truck
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