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Memorable Projects -  There are always projects that stick in ones mind whether they have history, are complicated, or just plain risky. These are some of mine. Bob

St Anthony’s Chapel Jesuit High

Most projects last less than a month, design to installation, St Anthonys has been quite the opposite. As on this writing I am in my 6th year of repurposing glass panels from the chapel. It’s a list of wonderful people that I’ve met and worked with while helping to preserve their memories and the art of Joe Testa-Secca


Frank Lloyd Wright Restoration

Working on Frank Lloyd Wright window was possible my most memorable restoration project. I was brought six windows in their original wooden frames from Millikan Place, Decatur IL built 1909-1910. The wooden frames were too rotted to be saved thankfully damage to the glass panels was minimal. Each panel was carefully removed from the rotted wood, cleaned and assessed for any damage. Once repairs were completed panels were grouted cleaned a final time and placed in new frames.

Hidden for over 40 years

Received a call about a large antique stained glass panel that had not seen the light of day for over 40 years. When we arrived at the customers home we found a very, very dusty 6ft by 3ft oval stained glass panel laying on a sheet of plywood with original wood framing. Story was that this panel came from a home in upstate New York built in the early 1900s. There was a prominently displayed lettered banner glass panel with the name Dr. Strickland(?).



Mausoleum Window Restoration

When her family mausoleum, circa 1915, was damaged by vandalism thankfully the stained glass panel was salvaged. Although in rough shape and very dirty we were able to bring it back to its former glory. We started by removing all the remaining lead, documenting missing glass and cleaning. All the glass had been painted as part of the original design and the detail was quite stunning. We matched missing glass with existing glass and painted to match the design. Once releaded, assembled and framed it turned out to be quite a remarkable piece.



Our Savior Lutheran Church, St Petersburg

Although this project only took one day it turned out to be one of the most exciting. As the photos show the church peaks were about 40 feet high and the larger glass panels were 2ft by 4ft. We were provided a bucket lift and went to work removing and replacing the broken panels. Fun, fun fun!!


St Mary’s Ybor City

Another multi month project that included restoration and new work plus working on some pretty rickety scaffolding. We created and installed 10 new panels and extended and installed another window. Oh yeah the scaffolding, There were 2 window up a stairwell and scaffolding was the only way to get there. The result was a wooden platform that was up some 20 feet in air. Just another day…

restore stained glass
restore stained glass
restore staine glass
restore stain glass
stained glass at St Marys
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