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Restotation and Repair

      My early career included restoring leaded glass windows and entryways in the Preservation District of Rochester NY. There were so many beautiful examples of early 20th century glass that needed help. Doing this work provided me a great work experience and training on how leaded glass was created and assembled.

    Today I continue to restore those old pieces as they are brought to me. I've had the good fortune of repairing pieces going back to the late 1890s. I had the good fortune of receiving 6 Frank Lloyd Wright panels for Millikan Place in Decatur Il for restoration (see photo below).

     So what do you have that needs my help? 

restoration stained glass

1917 Frank Lloyd Wright windows restored  

stained glass restoration
restoration stained glass
stained glass restoration

1900 6' by 3' oval window

restored and shadow box mounted 

1917 Restored  Mausoleum window

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