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I always have something in the back of my mind that I want to create. All are ready to decorate your home or office. Most designs can be modified to fit custom requirements. Delivery included on most items.

Hanging Pieces

ustom stained glass

Oriental sailboat in geometric design. Wooden framed 18"by 62"


custom stained glass

Hand made glass is highlighted with fused amber jewels wooden framed 19" by 55"


fused glass hanging

Hanging fused glass fishbones 24" by 7"


stained glass window

Amber Ripple

Amber jewels flow with rippled and beveled glass

wooden frame 19" by 55"


stained glass etched

Etched Floral

18' by 55'

Etched glass design in wood frame with brass accents


LED Backlit Wall Hangings

stained glass shadowbox

Wine and Vine

Brass fixtures hold your favorite wine bottle and glasses. LED backlit grape vines  23" by 33" by 4' shadowbox


LED stained glass

Blue Turmoil

Wave of handmade glass carry clear glass chunks. LED backlit 22" by 24" by 4"  box


stained glass wall light


Teal glass jewels surrounded with white handmade glass 23" diameter 4" deep shadowbox


stained glass shadow box

Beer on Tap

Fused glass lettering with real beer tap filling glass. 24" by 35" 5" deep LED backlit shadow box


Wall Sculptures

stained glass sculpture

Blue Rays

41' circle wall sculpture mirror back 6" deep


stained glass sculpture

Golden Shield

Golden wavy mirror with fused glass jewels

42" by 42"


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