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  • Stained Glass Lamps and Lighting

    • Sconces

    • Pendant Lights

    • Wall Mounted Decorative Lighting

 Stained glass provides great accent pieces for any décor while showing off the rich qualities of the glass. As with all our creations our lighting is custom designed working with the customer. 

 WiFi enabled LED lighting provides scheduling and light intensity.

Installation is available

Below are a couple examples of pieces we have done. All lighting is original in design working with our customers.

Click on image to enlarge

LED Backlit Glass

stained glass for sale
stained glass for sale
desktop sculpture
stained glass wall sculpture Faucet


stained glass restoration

Sconces and Pendants

hstained glass hanging lamp
stained glass ceiling light
stained glass pendant light
stained glass wall lamp

Backlit Glass Tile

backlit stained glass tile
stained glass floor light



stained glass sculpture
desktop sculpture
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